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Ms. Robin

Lead Teacher

Ms. Robin has worked twenty wonderful years in childcare, six of those with Grace Neal Preschool. Inspired by her second grade teacher, she has always dreamed of teaching children. She loves being able to guide children in the classroom using creative and engaging activities. Ms. Robin has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development

Ms. Krista

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Krista has been with us at Grace Neal for a year now. During her time here, she has truly enjoyed being an encouraging and loving teacher. She works hard in helping our children meet and exceed their developmental milestones. Ms. Krista has six amazing boys of her own and her many years of motherhood bring a unique and strong presence to our school. 


What you can expect
Our toddler classrooms have 3 core developmental focuses:


Action Activities

to support little ones with physical and social/emotional development.


Story Time

to help develop the comprehension of language and literacy.


Learning Activities

to strengthen fine motor skills and promote cognitive skills like problem solving, self awareness, and communication.

Ms. Robin and Ms. Krista like to keep our Twos busy! In their classroom, you can expect to see both teachers helping establish and maintain routines. We believe that our toddlers thrive in an environment when they know what to expect. This is when potty training and healthy hygiene habits are a priority. Our teachers also keep these energetic toddlers engaged with many things like story time, arts and crafts, outside play, and free play.
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