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Ms. Allisea


Ms. Allisea has worked in childcare for 9 years and has been with us for about a year now. During her time at Grace Neal, she has cared for our infants. She looks forward to loving on our sweet babes while also helping them through their crucial developmental stages every single day. Ms. Allisea is in the process of receiving her CDA and has accomplished more than 120 credit hours.


What you can expect:

Ms. Allisea loves to have fun with our little ones and she knows the importance of working on those gross and fine motor skills. Your baby will spend time working on things like rolling over, sitting up unassisted, crawling, and walking. Ms. Allisea will also provide fun and engaging ways to help with their grasping and pinching skills. While their hands may by small, our sweet babes enjoy getting them dirty with fun arts and crafts. Our babies spend plenty of time singing, dancing, and listening to stories to help them with the beginning stages of language development. On days with wonderful weather, you can catch them taking a group stroll throughout the preschool and church property.

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