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Ms. Jenni

Lead Teacher

Ms. Jenni has been with us at Grace Neal for a little over two years now. She has worked in many of our classrooms, but is now working mostly with our School Age kiddos. She has been in the Childcare field for sixteen years. She loves being apart of the learning experience and enjoys watching the kids she works with grow and accomplish new things! 

Mr. Brian

Assistant Teacher

Mr. Brian has been with us for eight wonderful years here at Grace Neal. He absolutely loves connecting with each kid and and encouraging them to do bigger and better things. Mr. Brian works at many of the schools here in Kingman as an ASL instructor. Some of his favorite things to do are play games with the kids and help with many art projects.


What you can expect
In the School Age Room:

During the school year, this classroom serves an after-school childcare. Students are picked up from the bus stop on Western and Kino, picked up from Hualapai Elementary, or dropped off by a parent or guardian. We spend a lot of time playing outside, hanging out playing, and offer a "homework club" so students have a chance to finish up assigned school work. Ms. Jenni and Mr. Brian enjoy working on projects that get the kids to have fun and think creatively. 

Our summer School Age program goes all day. We work on awesome crafts like making beads, painting, and all things glitter! The kids love playing games outside like dodgeball and four square. Ms. Jenni and Mr. Brian also lead short devotions and encourage the kids to read stories on their own.
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