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Ms. Kelly

Lead Teacher

Ms. Kelly has worked in childcare for more than five years and has been with us at Grace Neal for four years. She has always had a nurturing personality and loves to care for the little ones at the preschool until she can one day be a mama herself. Ms. Kelly holds a CTE in Early Childhood Development.

Ms. Kamie

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Kamie has worked in childcare for three years and has been with us at Grace Neal for a few months now. She comes from a big family and loves to share the love she's learned from them. Ms. Kamie absolutely loves to be with children and show God's love through her teaching and puppet stories. She is a mother to three beautiful children, giving her the perfect set of skills to add to our team here at Grace Neal.


What you can expect
Our toddler classrooms have 3 core developmental focuses:


Action Activities

to support little ones with physical and social/emotional development.


Story Time

to help develop the comprehension of language and literacy.


Learning Activities

to strengthen fine motor skills and promote cognitive skills like problem solving, self awareness, and communication.

Our Ones classroom is an enriching environment where all planned activities, toys, and books are geared towards important developmental milestones. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Kamie spend their time promoting free play, read tons of fun colorful books, and let the kids get messy and creative during arts and crafts.
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