Frequently Asked Questions

Are United Methodists Christians?
Yes. United Methodists join with many millions across the world who proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Do I have to be a member to come?
Absolutely not. Our church has no secrets and anyone can participate in almost every area of church life.

What is expected of me in a worship service?
The expectation is for you is to simply enjoy worship. We know it takes time for people to be at ease in any new situation, including worship. Participate when you feel comfortable and feel free to ask questions so as to enhance your worship experience.

Is there a dress code?
Absolutely not. Please come as you are.

What happens during worship?
The main components are: singing, prayers, sermon, a time of offering, and special music. On the first Sunday of the month, we also have Holy Communion.

What is “Holy Communion”?
Holy Communion is a sacrament, a sacred moment, when we all “commune” with each other by sharing bread and, in our tradition, grape juice. These “elements” represent and help us remember the body and blood of Christ and His sacrifice for us on the cross. In the United Methodist Church, all are welcome to participate if they feel comfortable doing so.

What about children?
Children of all ages are WELCOME in worship. A little noise from our little ones just adds to the joy of the morning! About 5 minutes into the service, the children who would like to participate are invited to go with one of our leaders to our Sunday School room for a more age-appropriate message (Children's Church). However, children are welcome to stay with their family as well. 

If you have small children and if you prefer, you are welcome to leave them in our professionally staffed nursery, located in the Education Building. All nursery doors and outside doors in close proximity are locked for the safety of our littlest ones. Access to the nursery is through the main entrance. Our ushers or greeters will be glad to show you where it is. Also, on the north side of the sanctuary there is a prayer room for parents to sit with little ones who may get restless.

How can I get involved in the community?
Check out all our Ministries!