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We welcome and affirm all people to experience the love of God, learn together to follow the example of Jesus, and work to be a blessing to our community and the world. 


We are a people of hope. That means we know with certainty that our best days are not the ones that have already come and gone. With God, our best days are yet before us.


Joy is part of God’s desire for our lives. Our joy is rooted in God’s deep and abiding love for us, and the knowledge that even when life is hard we have reason for joy because with God, the worst thing is never the last thing.


At SJUMC we stand upon a foundation of trust. Scripture tells us that God trusts us to be the ones who carry out the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ on earth. That means we trust one another to know how God is calling each of us to serve in ministry.

St. John’s UMC has had a deep commitment to serving the Kingman community for the last 134 years! It is our congregations’ goal to make known that all people are made in the image of God and are welcome to be in a committed relationship with our Creator, that we can come together in community and relationship with each other so we can learn to walk the righteous path Christ laid before us, working to bless each other, our community and the world through love, encouragement, and hope. 

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